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Hi Michel, Thanks for the question. Therefore many of the documents must be created in several languages. In any case, SAP would help all of us by articulating their plans for integrating with Microsoft Office in general and the future for Live Office in particular.

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You mainly connect Enterprise data to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations as a deliverable to high-level users.

Registry clean-up is key. Live Office users can also make ad hoc data selections based on a user friendly query panel that interfaces with the SAP Business Objects universe.

BO Live office - support for office - Alternatives?

This technique was particularly helpful as it would minimize the number of connections that would need to be brought into a dashboard.

Goto MS Excel Addins. Select a search Explain These Choices Skip to content Insights from our experts.

Retrieving cached data into offfice dashboard Retrieving crosstabs into a dashboard Leveraging existing Web Intelligence reports with calculated measures and custom dimensions performed at the enterprise level rather than in the dashboard excel In addition, while both techniques would bring back blocks of data, BI Services would allow an additional interactive method that would perform drill-down capabilities based on universe hierarchies. Hi Cindi, Thanks for the post.

Hi All, I bbo the earlier posts, however in my case we have users connecting through a citrix server and only 1 user has the issue.

For one livve they heavily rely on LiveOffice. I still have a number of customers who use Live Office for relational, not for dashboards.

Fri Jul 23, 2: Live Office toolbar can be added or removed from Excel using the tool above By default, the file is stored in the following directory: This is a really interesting thread. Start seeing data that matters Make your data amazing. Currently, with the lastest fixpack 6. A practical example of beneficial use is to livd a PowerPoint based management reporting slide deck pack.

Insights from our experts

Sun Dec 20, 8: You need ofvice check if the live office application has been disabled in Excel same for others office applications Go to: Are they doing this because they want to or because SAP has been unclear on support? Live Office can also be used to feed Xcelsius Dashboards. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We had the same issue with both excel and It worked pretty well for ofgice most part and allowed existing Web Intelligence reports to be leveraged directly without rework.

Live Office does provide you that solution. Fri Dec 04, 4: Which brings me to the negative side: So, I definitely have a soft spot for Live Office.

SAP Business Objects Live Office Tutorial

Will be curious if anything will be announced in the April 29 webcast about Analysis 4. As we are currently upgrading their platform from SP2. FrikkieNagel Forum Member Joined: Based on Webi and Translation manager and a multilingual datawarehouse structure users can easily switch the language setting and officr the same document rendered in a different language. Live Lige may have been the main approach for hooking up Xcelsius dashboards, but long before that, it was the preferred interface for Excel users.

Was Excel their final destination? Want to sponsor BOB?

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