Counter strike modern warfare 3

I remember a time when CS the original was as cheat filled and glitch filled at MW2. Man, running from those zombies trying to reach the chopper or the boats is so fun. Juggernaut Follow Forum Posts:

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But thats not all of MW2. CSS keeps me coming back, unlike MW2. GhoX Follow Forum Posts: All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

This topic is locked from further discussion. S is easily my favorite FPS. For some reason i just couldn't get into it, i much prefer the Battlefield games. And does MW2 even have a campaign?

Yeah, pretty much truth. MW2, few months in, 3rd prestige, it's getting stale broski.

Heck even Halo 3 lasted longer. For competitive MP, yea i'd buy that. That's how it goes. For it's time maybe, now? MW3 is one of the crappiest games out there atm.

Cs source modern warfare 3 | VK

It also has a plethora is meticulously balanced guns and recoil. You don't want to know just how many people are still playing 1. I guess Valve just makes better Multiplayer shooters.

If you truly think it's good, I feel sorry for you. My favorite thing is attempting to blow people off the ramps with a shotgun while surfing. So yea, strikw your comparing their competitive MP, sure.

You know what you're right. If it were released as is today it would have a hard time getting a 7.

Counter Strike: Source > Modern Warfare 2.

I have to agree. Eddie-Vedder CSS is timeless AdjacentLives Follow Forum Posts: The rest of us just play Source, but then Heroes of Newerth came out and that is the new addiction. GO's forum as well. Source on the other hand Counter Strike Source has always kicked ass.

Kan0nF0dder Follow Forum Posts: The only way that ancient looking game, CS: There's something about it that makes me come back to it again and again. GO moddrn and plays like a ten year old game!! N7Reaver Follow Forum Posts: There, I said it.

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