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Alerts about new versions of the game. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. The game is the most played Half-Life 2 mod, according to GameSpy.

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Full Screencast You must remove this tag before you launch your site! Sign up using Facebook. Now work on multiple monitors is supported. Have a look at http: Choose your language 3.

This one works great, but requires a bit of work to get up and running. Built on the Source engine, the game was released in along with Half-Life 2. Please download files in this item to interact with them upvater your computer.

Update 7Launcher v for CS:S

Join Stack Autoo to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Now for each language now has its own content. It's available as a browser extension and easy to implement http: Added check for unpacking archives. Added all languages supported by the game. It should only be used for initial development purposes.

Strike Source V 1807769 Full + Auto Update + Multilanguage

Choose from 2, professionals ready to do the work for you. And they can be used for any site on the web — which is useful if I modify something in-memory real quick to hide a toolbar or fix a bug temporarily; once finished mucking with it, I can press a key and all the CSS is back to normal. Yes you can manipulate the CSS via jQuery: They don't require any code changes to kpdater individual sites. It works as a ahto plugin for OS X and windows.

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You needn't have to write all CSS in a text editor, come back to browser and reload it, rather write the CSS live as if you were doing it in a text editor. The interface has been updated. Algorithm for checking game data.

If you are using Firefox then you can install Web Developer Toolbar 1. Zim84 2, 22 After the installation,run the CSS-Updater "from your desktop or your installation folder" to update your game Only few minutes needed Update Game Support: It is a remake of Counter-Strike, the modification of Half-Life.

Meta Tag Did you know that, with the addition of a single meta tag into your document, you can instruct the browser to automatically reload at a provided interval? Sign up using Email and Password. Write to us more, we take into account all wishes and criticism.

Counter-Strike: Source Free Download (Auto Update) « IGGGAMES

Feed Like Follow Follow Weekly email summary. Brian Noah 2, 12 Karen, Please post a new question as this would require an entirely different answer. Now the launcher works correctly when there is no connection to the Internet.

I'm not familiar with jquery You are looking for Live Reload: CSS-Updater again and your game will be updated to the latest version.

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