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What don't you like about it? We as programmers need to move away from the 80 line convention. Trailing whitespace is prohibited except for one case. The XWiki project is following a specific coding style for Java code.

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Eventually, you're better off starting with the Sun coding conventions than a completely hand-crafted onewith a few tweaks done to suit your organization's coding style and readability requirements. For example if getSomething is the implementation of a method defined in an inherited Something interface or parent class, you shouldn't write:.


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Please make sure you're familiar with them when you write javadoc. The default Eclipse formatter formats my Java code in a really funny way. Attachments 1 History Information. That happens when the line is too long. Anupam Saini 1, 2 17 See this proposal for more information.


While Maven accept it technically it's not the case of Eclipse for example. See Best practices for the Script Module. For instance, the Spring framework coding conventions have been made available, as is the case with Android.

Installing the guide is quite simple, Save the style xml to a file and import it eclopse the following dialogue box: Are there any other basic formatters that can do a better job? Regarding your specific request: I wouldn't want those method calls on separate lines, would you? Don't forget the Override annotation! Ungzip and untar the file in the following location: Admin Guide All topics Installation Configuration.

Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it. I am in favour of Java Convention with spaces only, block and line comment formatting turned off, and lines. Best Eclipse Code Formatters? Only problem with wide lines is when you ask Eclipse to print them I am finalizing a formatter here for the fprmatter. Have you considered looking at the preferences for the formatter?

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Examples and links are very welcome. We're using Checkstyle checkstyle. In empty lines in a javadoc comment, a single trailing space character is acceptable but not required.

eclise The trailing whitespace in the center line in that comment is permissible. Installing the guide is quite simple, Save the style xml to a file and import it using the following dialogue box:.

It helps a lot to just use the standard, and elcipse adjust your coding style to work well with that. Instead you should reference it or add more fine-tuned explanations. You can enable "Automatically add comments for new methods and types" if you want. Inject private Logger logger. However the decision to follow this code style and enforce it was only made long after the beginning of the project and not all the code base has been moved to this new code style.

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