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The repetitive pattern of the paperclips in this wallpaper is strangely intriguing. This wallpaper is similar to the last due to the fact that it showcases another month in the year. This wallpaper is very simple. Great design for every part of your life Start Designing. The font is light and whimsical, which pairs perfectly with its message.

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This wallpaper uses illustrations of flowers to create a beautiful background scape. The messaging on this wallpaper POPS. This wallpaper features a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Pixel Art Basketball Sandbox 3D. You can see the dreams are bigger than the fears, but there is constant back and forth between which one is in control.

All caps text, just bold enough to stand out and incorporating just a little color from the background help bring harmony between the two. This wallpaper features a number of images collaged together.

This wallpaper is inspired by M.

The amount of bright color and sass in this wallpaper is up front and in your face. Something similar can be achieved by pairing bold red or orange text against a wallpaoers background, and choosing a font with a retro feel. Life comes easier when you find every high quality and cool wallpaper on one app. The color scheme here keeps the message light and carefree.

You can start anywhere, just make sure you start — even if the idea is as simple as a paperclip. Basketball Color by Number 3D.

50 beautiful free wallpapers for creatives [2015 edition]

The aim is to not wallpaoers the design with a bunch of unnecessary elements, and keep it purely functional and informative. Sandbox color by numbers. This wallpaper takes a simple idea and amplifies it. Wallify is a creative wallpapers app, to make sure you always have a beautiful wallpaper on your device.

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The welcoming scenery, the self-assuring quote, it really gives off a sense of refreshment and easygoing-ness. This wallpaper is very simple. The light emanating from the desk lamp warms up the central area of the image, and reveals a nice texture. What sets this one apart, however, is the contrast of the black and white image of the woman with the color in the rest of the imagery.

The organicness of beautiiful typography plays well with the organic nature of the leaves, and the warm, sand-like texture helps to drive the idea of a tropical paradise home and encourages you to work bequtiful. The addition of a subtle, dark red background color helps to pull the white type forward, and give it true distinction from the background.

The contrast of the vibrant red against the black text, and the black text against the pale backdrop creates an tk next to none.

8 Best Sites for Incredible Retina Images and Desktop Wallpaper

Simply pick a simple, block-like font, create two copies, and position one behind the other in a different color. The text is nestled right in the image, almost as if it was actually there when the photo was snapped.

This wallpaper is bright and cheery. The three ingredients for a strong wallpaperss media strategy.

The highly detailed letters create little banners for the smaller, simpler words to fall into. Wallify is not picture editing app. Maybe some crumpled walllpapers paper? Improve your phone now!

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Three simple color palettes to use when designing. By Matt Peckham May 9, The texture adds a nice tangible feeling as your eye travels down, and then it hits you. To create a wallpaper like this, find a beautiful photograph with clear directional movement.

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