Retrieved January 18, They discover that hours prior to the killing, Beth had engaged in sexual activity with two of her co-pupils in a disused mansion just outside the canyon. Retrieved April 27, Episode 0 – Sneak Peek. The Complete First Season. They discover that a stash of drugs found in a cupboard at the venue of the party may suggest the motive for the killings – but after some investigation, believe that a case of mistaken identity may have resulted in several innocent people losing their lives. But just as they do so, the accused’s criminal lawyer accuses Detective Morales of obtaining a confession through intimidation. Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski investigate when a recently released convicted criminal, Jane Lee Rayburn Nancy Youngblut is found stabbed to death on one of LA’s most famous beaches.

Inspired by the murders committed by Lonnie David Franklin, Jr. As the woman is found safe and well, the case is thrown into a totally new light when her husband’s fingerprint matches a fingerprint belonging to a Russian spy who had previously infiltrated the White House some ten years previously. I really wish NBC hadn’t cancelled it! Episode 19 – Carthay Circle. However, Goodwin’s past relations with Dekker soon begin to cast a shadow over the trial. The remaining episodes with the original cast began airing on May 30, with the episode “Plummer Park”.

Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski investigate when female pro golfer Kristin Halstead is found murdered in her apartment. Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski investigate when a maintenance worker is found murdered in a river that he was cleaning just hours earlier.

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A trail is soon discovered, and all three suspects admit to raping Beth, but all claim that Kaw managed to escape and that none of them are guilty law and order los angeles season 1 episode 13 murder.

Episode 3 – Harbor City. Event occurs at The detectives discover that the second victim had come across some irregularities in the voting petitions – which in fact, turned out to be falsified signatures – and that he had been killed under instruction of the ballot’s leader, Alan Coregon. The first part of the show follows police officers in LA as the try to track down and catch a suspect, and the second part of the show follows the LA County District Attorney’s office as the suspect is prosecuted, and last part of the show follows the DA’s office’s attempts to have them convicted in the LA Superior Court.

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Season 1. Redeem a gift card or promotion code. Retrieved November 18, I’ve so enjoyed being able to revisit the episodes. Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski investigate when a recently released episodf criminal, Jane Lee Rayburn Nancy Youngblut is found stabbed to death on one of LA’s most famous beaches.

Published on July 6, Javi’s father immediately admits to the murder – but claims he acted in self-defense after the victim hit him with a shovel. Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski investigate when a father of two is found viciously murdered in his bathtub.

They soon find evidence claiming that the murder was the result of the victim’s rejection of Roberts and the fact that the majority of her male co-workers held a sexual grudge against her because she was a woman. Once the fire is under control, the detectives soon discover that a second fire was intended to cover up a gruesome crime. Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski investigate when pre-med freshman Beth Garrett is found strangled to law and order los angeles season 1 episode 13 in a public park in Runyon Canyon.

Unfortunately, the show came on just as people were gravitating away from police procedurals, so it seemed doomed to one season from the start. The show opens with a angekes view of the city skyline in gold. Things become personal when a bank robber hands the teller a photo of her kidnapped son. Episode 20 – Seasn Sereno. Oh and in episode 22 he is fatally wounded again.

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They immediately suspect three workers who were absent from the office that afternoon, however, it soon becomes clear which one is the culprit. Retrieved March 7, LA aired on Monday nights, following The Event. When Javier Gomez is found dead at UCLA, the detectives learn that protecting his sister Malia, a star soccer player, may have been the motive for his murder. Detectives discover that one of the guests escaped and the truth is revealed.

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Although the bombing is prevented, DDAs Dekker and Stanton must fight the Justice Department after they learn the accused are to be tried for treason. Retrieved May 12, The murder of golfer Kristin Halstead sends Detectives Seasoon and Jaruszalski to the Mens’ professional circuit for leads, only to find them in Chip Jarrow.

They discover that his wife and long term partner, Christine, had been stealing money from his casino in order to fund other relationship-based robberies, thus allowing her to elope to New York with her partner nad crime. Episode 4 – Sylmar. Final Appeal, Season 1. Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski investigate when a woman who is four months pregnant is hit by a car.

Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski investigate the mysterious murder of a Episide stylist – When successful Hollywood stylist Lily Walker is gunned down while driving, the seemingly random murder sends shock-waves throughout the city. Investigators identify a suspect with the help of modern technology.

Deputy District Attorney Morales Law and order los angeles season 1 episode 13 Molina is a sarcastic realist who believes moral righteousness eoisode great in theory, but ineffective in a law and order los angeles season 1 episode 13 fight. An opening narration was not used for the first two episodes. When the case reaches court, DDA Dekker and his new partner DDA Connie Rubirosa struggle to convince episodee judge to proceed to trial after Detective Morales’ actions in regard to questioning the defendant, and the exclusion of a body in a murder case linked to the series of rapes.

Episode 17 – Angel’s Knoll.

However, things soon become serious when a plot to blow up a cargo shipment at Paw Angeles International Airport is uncovered. Published 1 year ago.

The Resident Season 1. Los Angeles DAs and detectives team up to take down a bling ring that’s been preying on Hollywood’s young stars. Los Angeles is a police procedural set in Los Angeles.

Law & Order: Los Angeles

Archived from the original on May 29, Retrieved January 15, Available on Prime Played. Episode 16 – Big Rock Mesa.

Episode 18 – Plummer Park. TV By the Numbers. When the investigation leads to a local paedophile with past convictions of picking up and assaulting girls, DDAs Dekker and Rubirosa are forced to change their strategy when game-changing evidence is discovered at the last minute.

Meanwhile, DDAs Dekker and Rubirosa attempt to maintain order in East Pasadena as the case gains publicity and citizens begin to mobilize in protest.

When Department of Public Works employee Don Heller is found stabbed to death, law and order los angeles season 1 episode 13 believe the gang bangers he encountered earlier that day are responsible.

However, it soon appears that the accused are just part of a much bigger scam being committed.

The detectives track him down, but when confronted by detectives, he commits suicide with his own gun.