Hp server automation

Automatically remediate non-compliant resources and get on-demand reporting for audits. Integrate with 3rd party patch management systems. The SA agent is responsible for a change on a server.

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I sserver understand how difficult this product can seem on the surface. When launching a job in SA client, you specify when job runs to either run at immediately or specified time in future.

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A system administrator installs at least one EPI agent. Customer Upgrade 8 Standard Configurations. The SA agent is software running in an existing operating system on the server and is used to communicate to the SA core. The following are some of the very useful tools that are part of HPSA. Machine requestors can select from among these policies to install software on the requested machine, or you can specify HP Server Automation policies in the blueprint to be applied to every machine that is provisioned from that blueprint.

Grouping servers enables you to perform the same action on all of the servers simultaneously, instead of performing the action on individual servers, one at a time. This forum is designed to enhance the collaboration for the Server Automation community by sharing best practices with your peers, communicate with HP Server Automation experts and get access to the latest product information.

Physical and Virtual Visibility b. An SA agent is idle unless SA is trying to perform some change on the server. Customer Group Management e. Ordering of Custom Script rules e. HPSA architecture well suites for managing an infrastructure environment from few servers to s of servers. A tenant administrator or a business group manager creates a blueprint that enables the deployment of software jobs.

Server Automation is a key component of our automated OS provisioning. HP Server Automation 10 Enhancements: Being able to automate repeated tasks greatly reduced manual errors and allowed us to push more out at one autkmation. Simplified Automated Installation b.

There are two types of device groups, private groups and public groups. Contact Us Email Me: Some of the other core components can have multiple instances, which can be installed on different servers to achieve horizontal scalability. A system administrator enables software installation from HP Server Automation. Download serevr agent installer from SA client.

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Manually provisioning a server used to take up to 2 days, with SA it takes less than 4 hours and automattion manual tasks are necessary after the provisioning task has been started. We do engage HP to when we move from version A to B, which we have done every years of having the product.

Full support for OS re-provisioning. When any operations, such as automationn software or patch and configuring application configurations, are performed on a device group, they are actually performed on servers within the group and not on the group itself.

Access thousands of out-of-the-box templates and workflows for bare-metal and virtual servers across multiple vendors, while driving efficiency through standardization.

Please read and follow all download instructions in the README document that is included in the Server Automation distribution and is enclosed with this memo. Raghuveer October 29,4: Physical and Virtual Visibility. The required servre of Microsoft PowerShell depends on the operating system of the installation host and might have been installed with that operating system. It enables you to perform the same action such as installing patches and remediating servers on all of the servers simultaneously, instead of performing the action on individual servers, one at a time.

A device group acts as container for a collection of servers.

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