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Fancy style 25 Decorate Copy. Much like these other heavy design based fonts though, Spotted Fever is best kept for smaller blocks of text. Look at the image above.

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Diavlo is a free font that contains 5 weights: Shihan is a free font for designer fontss, created in April and inspired by Bashkir geometrical ornaments. It is one of the best modern fonts for website design.

It is a fresh and quirky font that can add a real personal touch to your designs. If they were just fonts, you wouldn't be able to copy and paste the text - it'd just show up ad plain text when you pasted it.

Cool Fonts: Free And Unique Fonts To Download

The overlapping lines in the letters and the differing loops and lines make this really stand out. Page 1 of 8: Now Fertigo Pro version is released with extended language support and more. Designed by Matt Ellis, this font has some neat touches including slender bars reminiscent of Art Deco typefaces and delightful ball terminals. Fontz shape looks like it is made out of fr part of a circle, giving a really warm and open feel.

Professional cool free fonts are vitally important in web page design.

This open source project is led by Impallari Type, a type design foundry based in Rosario, Argentina. This OpenType font family comes in five weights and offers support for CE languages and even Esperanto. Full of 9 versatile and highly original font families, your latest projects will soon be the talk of the town! Each character ends with a ribbon detail, really adding an extra dimension to your letters and designs.

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The + Best Modern Fonts Collection for

It fonte traditional Gothic font elements, with rounded edges and an almost squashed feel to produce a really interesting design. It is a slightly condensed sans-serif typeface featured by a uniform and thin line width. The unique shaping of the characters, combined with the spacing flnts slanting, makes this the king of super cool fonts.

Campton is a cool text which is one of the best free fonts online. Each character was individually made in Illustrator using basic geometric shapes.

With an air of mystery and ofnts hint of spooky surrounding it, Little Trouble Girl is a distressed looking font to enhance your designs. Invisible Ink Decorate Copy.

Creative Bloq

Ronts Requires iOS 8. The aim of the typeface was to create an amalgamation of a modern Grotesk, like Helvetica, with a simpler geometric style, like Avant Garde.

This is a beta version of this font, but still seems very complete for me — included in the set are Regular,Italic,Bold,Bold Italic for optical sizes 72, 12 and 6. We want our design to be as easy-to-read as possible, and we want ffonts in our design to look good. Cathedral can be included in the group of transitional character, indicating the transition from the ancient to the modern Roman.

The perfect juxtaposition of retro and modern; this type would make a bold statement on any website or piece of printed marketing. Elegant swashes and a clean lowercases also make it suitable for larger paragraphs.

Fontz the moment of publication, these fonts were free, apologies for the inconvenience if they have since become paying. Reglo Bold is a geometric Sans designed by Sebastien Sanfilippo.

1,958 Free Fonts

The carved wood effect of the letters, and the variation in thickness gives this a real DIY appearance. Bridge bellow Decorate Copy. The flicks, letter shaping, and faded effect all add to the DIY element.

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