Classification of Standard Ballscrews Standard Ballscrew Spindle HIWIN recommends our standard regular ballscrews for your design. However, high lead. The combination of state-of-the-art machining technology, manufacturing experiences, and engineering expertise makes. HIWIN ballscrew users “High- Tech. 1 Feb HIWIN Standard Ballscrew Spindle and Lead. HIWIN recommends the use of our standard ballscrews for your application, but we also offer.

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Various number of inputs power actuators. Sizes from 25 to Ease of installation and compact. EMJ servo power from W to 1 kW.

Ballscrews- Huntley, Illinois- HIWIN Corporation

Bearings Rolling bearings Imported radial bearings from world famous manufacturers: Miniature ball-type linear guides. Ball screw for high loads. Length of mm.

Low profile silent ball-type guides with integrated porous separator. Diameters from 4 to mm. Vibration dampers BF They are used to protect equipment from vibrations and collisions. Equipped with a switching power supply. Used in conjunction with the servo series Hiwin ball screw catalogue.

The design of the transmission includes the nut and the radial bearing as a unified system. Bearing Supports different types.

Is used to rotate the drive shaft of different mechanisms. Standard hardness – 55 Shore. The maximum speed rpm. Various accessories for connecting actuators and power units with a set of additional functions.

Industrial vibration dampers They are used in the frequency hiwin ball screw catalogue of 50 Hz alternating load. Material – nickel-plated steel. The polished ballscrews are used in a high-precision positioning of the moving parts in the CNC machines.

The E2 self-lubricating kit makes sure a ballscrew is properly lubricated for long periods of time, hisin cost by extending the time interval between scheduled maintenance. The gear ratio of 1: Roller screws use rollers instead of steel balls, which reduce hiwin ball screw catalogue stress concentration due to the greater contact surface area. The nuts of this series can withstand the loads that are times higher than the standard.


Backlash-free flexible couplings ZTK, have high reliability and torsional strength. This unique design reduces noise generated at high speeds and offers higher axial loading and stiffness. Planetary gearbox ZPG The accuracy of arc. Easy to install and compact. The low weight and high stiffness.

Telescopic slides TLQ series for applications with frequent cycles. By incorporating rollers, these screws offer super high rigidity and are able to hiwin ball screw catalogue a longer service life.

Low vibration and noise, smooth operation.

Load range of 15 to 70 kg.