Al gore slideshow

How much further along would we be? I was just floored. People wanted a piece of him again, in a way that was unlike when he was in office. So I immediately felt that we needed to add a personal narrative and had many long discussions about how to do this. Here Al Gore had it.

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I think the scientist Michael Oppenheimer was on the panel, Al Gore was on the panel, and a few other people. I thought, maybe these are the wrong elements for a good film. I was working at Participant Media at the time. This studio had everyone there, it had the head of the studio, the head of production, the head of development — every executive who vore at the studio — because Al came. I showed Steve Jobs early versions of the slideshow several years before the movie came out.

And inthe year after the film was released, that 33 percent went up to something like 85 percent.

We had so much slidfshow and were so convinced of it. And yet even my response is not up to where it should be. I felt like it was a great comeback story that we could tell at the same time that we were telling the story of climate change.

Al Gore’s slideshow

With Hurricane Katrina, suddenly it felt real to everybody. When we ended up doing press for the movie after it came out, we would quote Jim Hansen, the great NASA scientist, who basically modeled the most important predictions of what climate change would do. I remember going to get a drink with Scott Burns, who was one of the producers. I was not fully prepared slideeshow what a skillful interviewer Davis was.

In April ofI went through a personal epiphany. I was front and center, right next to Slidesohw, when the building started to shake.

So we got excited sliideshow that for a while. We did promotional screenings. We had bought our tickets, we had our crew. You go from him presenting this thing to him as a college student. He was no longer a victim of a really unfortunate slireshow in American history, but a guy who had gotten up off the canvas after a pretty severe blow and turned his attention to something so important, with so much intellect and passion and insight.

I really feel driven to communicate this as effectively as I can. The clock was ticking, and people had to see it.

I remember in the middle of it, there was an earthquake. It was almost like a voter registration drive. I worked sildeshow it this morning. I do feel that the film helped tie some shoes and get some people out there. It made you reconsider the entire guy before he said a word about climate change. What do we do?

And Al got up, and I was like, OK, here he goes. I think initially we thought there would be more attacks against the film directly.

Millions gor millions and millions spent by the coal and oil industries. There are so many amazing groups that had been talking about this issue for so many years, and there was finally something that they could all point to.

Al Gore’s slideshow | Grist

I drive an electric car, I have solar panels on my slideshpw, I vote the right way. And it turns out, after you get into the innards of the process, you get to the point where — this will sound ridiculous — but it makes a difference whether a transition is two-tenths of a second or three-tenths of a second.

I was the guy in charge of documentaries, and Gpre had only been there for four months.

We just felt like it was urgent. You see the sea-level rise, you see the levees break.

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