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As previously discussed shaders are used heavily to workaround bottlenecks and slowdowns that are typical within graphics drivers written primarily with the games industry in mind Automated performance testing is conducted weekly to ensure any slowdowns introduced with new development are picked up early in the development process and optimized out as soon as possible. Any suggestions Thanks Survey. All operators use HSelectionSet to manage a group of current selections so multiple selections can be performed and managed using Ctrl-Select.

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The number of selection results returned can be programmatically capped to ensure performance remains constant in densely packed scenes.

Spatial and Tech Soft America Announce FREE HOOPS 3D Part Viewer for ACIS

The operator can be used as-is, or as the basis for extension to application specific in-scene controls. In Industrial applications the following situations are typical: Bump Maps Bump mapping is a technique used to convey surface texture and roughness.

The vector primitives are drawn using hidden-line removal, allowing them to be effectively interleaved with the 3D rasterized objects, rather than just being overdrawn. A mechanical model rendered with fake hidden line and ambient occlusion.

Ambient occlusion can be added to give extra depth.

To improve rendering performance for such datasets there is no option but to manage two structures, one representing the business needs of the application and a second representing the performance needs of the graphics card. A scene graph walk routine will start at the top, examine each node and execute the relevant routines depending on what that node represents. Area select leftpolyline select middle and polygon select right.

This enables support for rigid-body animation and forward kinematic chains. With Windows 7 bit is becoming standard. With Gouraud shading the light at each vertex is computed and then interpolated across the face. Selected Advanced Features Transparency Fast, accurate multi-layer transparency has always been a challenging feature for interactive computer graphics as to ensure correct blending it is necessary to draw the scene in a back-to-front order.

Additionally vertex buffers on the graphics card that represent the changed objects need to be modified or recreated. All times are GMT. The left-hand diagram above shows how this solar system might be represented in a hierarchy. Even seemingly minor bottlenecks can destroy performance.

Annotation and Markup Operators are provided for redlining circle, rectangle, screen space polyline and world space polylinepost-it notes, annotations and dimensions. The HOOPS Visualize scene graph and driver system has been built from the ground up to allow a high degree of flexibility for application developers.

Hoops Visualize Technical Documentation

With 3D sprites the object is drawn in full 3D with a correct depth test. While this is bringing many benefits, the complexity of developing low-level viswer software in this new environment is increasing bringing new challenges to applications developers in all relevant industries.

A Formula 1 car with normal hoops left and cartoon-style Gooch shading right. However the explicit code must change considerably — and it would be easy to mismatch the saving and restoring of matrices to get the wrong result. The expanded result will be a sequence of calls similar to the diagram on the right, but the code that creates those calls will be very different using simple loops and recursion. Animation of interpolated values in an engine block.

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Both hard intersecting and soft touching clashes can be hopps, and nearest distance calculations are available to determine whether non-intersecting geometry lies within a specified tolerance — for example electric cabling that has been placed too near a 33d pipe. A conceptually simple workaround to this situation is to not attempt to draw all the data, but to only draw the data that is most relevant.

A common example is to hide annotations when the point which the annotation references is obscured by an item of geometry.

Polygons can be multi-sided and can include holes. HOOPS Visualize creates a second internal tree with a reduced segment number that is used for drawing and picking, and internally maintains a mapping with the original tree created by the application. Nonetheless it is mentioned here hoope it is a very effective method for navigating certain types of scene.

Fake hidden line with silhouette edges and ambient occlusion. It is particularly effective biewer combined with the static model; option and segment level display lists. Code defining the scene was interspersed with code that operated on the scene. When objects are viewed through a lens, those that lie outside the focal range of the lens appear blurred while objects that are in the focal range appear in focus.

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