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Chinese input methods predate the computer. A typical keyboard layout for Dayi method. Most, if not all, Chinese input methods fall into one of two categories: The Wubi keyboard which is an input method. Chinese Traditional characters Simplified characters first round second round Debate.

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How to Type Chinese on a Computer

Views Read Edit View history. Conversion from simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese happens automatically when the input mode changes from simplified to traditional Chinese. Simplified characters first round second round.

You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Chinese letters with this virtual keyboard. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat A typical keyboard layout for Cangjie method, which is based on United States keyboard layout.

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SureType Telephone 9-key E. Chinese Traditional characters Simplified characters first round second round Debate.

In cases where a Traditional character has more than one Simplified form, the converted Simplified characters will be shown in brackets. In cases where a Simplified character has more than one Traditional form, the converted Traditional characters will be shown in brackets.

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To do so, simply navigate to the Insert ribbon, click Symbolthen choose More Symbols from the dropdown menu. Do you have your own neat trick for using special characters in Windows? Chinese traditional keyboard chwracter, a US keyboard with Zhuyin, Cangjie and Dayi key labels, which can all be used to input Chinese characters into a computer.

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If you find yourself using certain characters a great deal, or you want to use a language like Chinese that requires an entirely different character set Skritter: Other methods allow chinesee to write characters directly onto touchscreenssuch as those found on mobile phones and tablet computers. Scroll down for the next article.

One of the early attempts was an electro-mechanical Chinese typewriter Ming kwai Chinese: As you type the phonetic reading of a letter, suggested letters appear on the number keys.

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It's outdated and outclassed by several alternatives, yet it's still the most popular keyboard layout in the world. Press Shift key for additional letters that are not visible on the keyboard. Note the non-standard use of Z as the collision key. As you type the Cangjie parts of a letter, suggested chinnese appear on the number keys.

Pressing Esc on your keyboard has the same function. All methods have their strengths and weaknesses. Input methods Han character input Chinese-language computing. It assigned thirty base shapes or strokes to different keys and adopted a new way of categorizing Chinese characters. How to Merge Excel Files and Sheets.

Webarchive template archiveis links Articles containing Chinese-language text Interlanguage link template link number Articles containing video clips. I only have to enter in this code once, so it saves me looking up the code each time I need to use it in the document. Despite its steeper learning curve, this method remains popular in Chinese communities that use traditional Chinese characterssuch as Hong Kong and Taiwan ; the method allows very precise input, thus allowing users to type more efficiently and quickly, provided they are familiar with the fairly complicated rules of the method.

While the phonetic system is easy to learn, choosing appropriate Chinese characters slows typing speed.

Literary and colloquial readings.

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